Alert Energy is committed to protecting your private information. Your
privacy and data security is very important to us.

We collect information to learn about our customers, energy use
and their businesses to help us service our clients better.

We will not sell, trade or give away any identifiable information about you
our your business or your clients without your explicit consent.

We are very mindful of privacy concerns and ensure privacy is considered
at all times. Our processes are designed to meet the Foundational
Principles of the Privacy By Design Centre for Excellence.

We may aggregate anonymous energy use data into our bench marking
databases, but this is done in a way that no one will be able to link this
information to you or your business.

If at any time you want your personal and or identifiable information to be
removed from our mailing lists and data bases, please contact us directly,
and / or use the opt out features in our mail outs.

If we discover our system is breached in any way, we commit to notify our
clients immediately so preventative steps may be taken by them.

We commit to review this privacy policy at least every year to ensure it is
current and up to date, and that we comply with any and all regulations and
laws in the jurisdictions we operate in.

Last updated January 2017