Data driven solutions for building energy and water use

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Energy and water management for your buildings and business

We’re an outsourced energy and water management firm, and we free up your time to focus on your core business.  We offer a full range of services with experts in building operation, engineering and construction.   Our experts use our custom software tool to make an energy and water management plan for your business.  It identifies savings opportunities, provides visibility and reporting from the portfolio down to the plug level.  Most importantly you get a dedicated energy and water manager to keep track of your progress and to help you reach your goals.

We solve the following problems for our clients:

Making sense of the data and creating baselines


Operating buildings are complex.  Our analysts figure out a lot through data analysis and off site audits, and even more through on-site audits and investigations.

Starting with existing and historical data we establish baselines and compare buildings to themselves and to our database that describes how peer buildings perform to narrow down the areas that need further attention.

We benchmark buildings and systems for clients in jurisdictions with regulated benchmarking, and for clients who benchmark on energy and water because they recognize it saves costs.

Building energy benchmarking is an energy and water cost saving measure in itself. Studies have shown an average of 7% energy savings can be achieved by benchmarking over time.  We have seen examples where benchmarking saves much more as it identified some malfunctions in building systems.



Measurement, verification and reporting


On a regular basis, our team monitors hard and soft data sources that impact your financial bottom line.  We keep track of the data and alert you when there’s something you need to know to take corrective action.

Using standards such as IPMVP, ICP, GRESB, CDP and many others we take fragmented data and put it into terms that allow for us to report progress in a simplified, systemic way.

We offer transparency to show our clients if the investments and actions they take are succeeding or in need of corrective action.

Prediction, targeting and goal setting


Once we know a bit more about how a building is operating, we undergo a managed goal setting process, based on ISO 50001.

We determine the optimal goals to target now, next year and out into the future.  Our planning process takes many variables into account and helps with capital reserve and budgeting process as well as finding ways to reduce operating expenses.

Our first approach in identifying energy and water savings are to find opportunities that improve operating cash flow.

It is very common in commercial buildings for systems to be running when they don’t need to be, or fighting each other (simultaneous heating and cooling) or to  be set in override for reasons that are not known (it’s always been that way).  We find those simple fixes and show you and your operators how to make changes for very little cost that can offer huge returns.

We are so confident in our predictions that we can guarantee and insure that they will work to save costs for your organization.  If our fixes don’t work, you don’t pay.

Technical due diligence and design


Our team of experts has assisted in numerous due diligence processes to support transactions of large commercial buildings and campuses.   We can work for the buyer or seller depending on the project to verify the condition and risks around mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and the associated operating and capital costs.

Additionally our team we have been brought in to address issues of energy and water billing and cost sharing agreements.  We can identify optimal cost sharing arrangements and propose new metering and billing systems in multi-tenant spaces.



We are an energy and water management consultancy that can help with a variety of problems and projects.  Generally, we work on:


Our clients include building owners, contractors and service companies, architects and engineers, ESCOs, and Government, agencies and program managers.  A selection of our commercial clients are:

Energy and water savings for hotels


Energy and water savings for hotels



Energy and water savings for hotels

energy management for retail

solar energy for food service

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